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Focused Nutrition, Lifestyle Actions, and Massage for Optimal Health
Meet FireBright Health and Kim

Meet FireBright Health and Kim McCormack

Autoimmune Health Specialist, Deep tissue massage therapist, and nutritional health coach working toward optimizing health

You've landed here because you know you can feel better. You just need some guidance and accountability. You want to start feeling better and see results quickly!

Together, we will assess where you are, where you want to be, and design a clear strategy to get you there. With any one, or combination of my modalities, you will make clear strides to feeling healthy.

With a combination of questionnaires, any testing information you already have, and some clear communication we will map out a program that is specific to you. This program can include nutrition, massage, as well as lifestyle adjustments. There will be small achievable goals to be met along the way toward a larger, more encompassing goal.

Everyone is unique in their health needs. Let's get you on your own path, not everyone else's. What works for them may not be what works for you!  Let's look at your unique situation, build a plan that is best for you, and get you feeling great again!

Kim is a Board Certified Nutrition and Health coach with a license from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She also has as a certification as an Autoimmune Paleo coach. She continues her education through the Institute for Functional Medicine and other seminars and summits dedicated to the practice of nutrition and health. Kim focuses on autoimmune disease, overall wellness, gut health, and athletic performance.

She is also a certified massage therapist. Practicing massage for over 32 years, Kim has worked with many world class athletes from around the world using deep tissue as her specialty.


Most importantly, she aims to help people simply find the route to their own optimal health and wellness so they can achieve their highest quality of life.

Through personal experience, working with clients, and her expansive education, Kim brings to you a wealth of knowledge. Kim likes to look at the person as a whole, but with attention to the small details, to create an individualize program for each client using massage, nutrition, lifestyle suggestions, and natural supplementation.  Book a call now and let's get you started!

Why Nutrition for autoimmunity

Why Nutrition for Autoimmunity?

It can help with


Gut health is the seat of all health. If you are eating nutrient dense foods and are able to digest and absorb those nutrients, your overall health reflects that.

Fatigue and Sleep

Focusing on eating foods that nourish and restore your body will help to enliven your mitochondria and your hormonal balance.  This will turn on your energy pathways and restore energy as well deepen your sleep.


Adopting the AIP lifestyle, with an emphasis on optimizing your detoxification pathways, your organs in charge of this will function smoothly, leaving you feeling clear and healthy

Women's Health

Women make up 75% of autoimmune sufferers. Add hormones into the mix and women have many factors that can add fuel to the fire. Addressing women's unique profile, using strategic nutrition and lifestyle adjustments can give a woman, in whatever stage of life, the tools to take health in hand. 

Weight Loss

By addressing underlying inflammatory factors, you will find your ideal weight naturally, without the constant diet rollercoaster.


Stress plays a large part in our health. Finding healthy ways to mitigate your stress, in addition to some gentle herbs to support your system, can go a long way toward getting fully healthy.


"Kim has been a tremendous nutritionist and has really helped me create a plan that fit with my busy schedule. Before seeing her, I had a number of stomach issues and my energy was consistently low. She created a plan that dramatically improved how I felt and provided me with  significantly more energy.  I am so impressed by her level of care and attention to detail. I am very grateful that I found her and highly recommend her services to anyone!" 
                                         Brandon Slade

Nearly 5 years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury and have been struggling with how best to care for, and feed, my brain since then. Working with Kim has been a game changer for me.  She is helping me get on a brain-friendly diet that is giving me more energy, more mental clarity, and less anxiousness.  I am truly amazed at what food can do to support our lives and Kim's help had been invaluable in showing me my options and getting me on the right track. I definitely could not do this without her!"
                                      Deb Matlock


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